Event Video Production

Got an event or a conference, or maybe a guest speaker at your business and you need a video to show the highlights of the event, or maybe even the whole event? Our team is experienced in producing professional creative highlight and promotional videos for Events, Conferences, Expos, Sporting Events, Church Events, Special Occasion Events and more.

Social Media and Online Video Production

When it comes to marketing your business online, it is clear that video content gets considerably more clicks than simple text or even static photos. We create short videos for your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that are optimised for each platform. Videos are correctly sized and we can show you how to measure the success of each video. Afterall the whole reason for your video is to get a return on investment.

Website Design & Development

We are experts in building custom WordPress websites that not only look great but actually convert! Whether it is a Company Website, eCommerce Shop, Personal Website or Content Management website we have an expert team of Web Designers, Web Developers, User Experience specialists, Copy Writers and Content Specialists to produce a website that engages. Don’t forget we are digital content specialists creating content including videos and photos to make sure you have a high conversion rate! All projects are professionally managed to ensure quality through out the development process.

Animated Explainer Video Production

Fact: “Every website needs a quality video”. We create animated explainer or video based explainer videos that effectively engage with your audience. We know the price of explainer videos can be prohibitive, we however work with you to produce the best quality explainer video within your budget. Our enthusiastic team of script writers, project managers, animators, voice over artists and audio engineers are excited to start the well managed process of producing your next explainer video! Remember most people prefer watching a video rather than reading about your business or products.

Business and Corporate Video Production

There are many corporate video production companies in Johannesburg, some cost the earth while others just starting barely cover their own costs. We are somewhere in between offering vast video production experience at “reasonable” prices. Our team continues to deliver professional videos from Bluechip companies to smaller startup business looking to market themselves online effectively. Promo videos, social responsibility videos, training videos, safety videos, corporate videos, customer testimonial videos, interview videos – we have the experience and will guide you to not only get quality video production but also at a fair price!

Promotional Video Production

Got a product launch or upcoming event? Need a Teaser Video, Promotional Product Video, Launch Videos, Prerelease Video, Sneak Peak Video or whatever you call them? Video Guru produces punchy short promotional videos that communicates your brand, event or product effectively. Usually this type of video is a blend of slick motion graphics and animations combined with quick video clips and energetic music, however it could also be very simple and cinematic. Whatever you are planning, make sure to get in touch with us to discuss what is possible to make your promotion a success!



Paul Nel - SASC

Paul Nel - SASC

Camera, Director, DOP

Bryce Ninow

Bryce Ninow

Camera and DOP

George Kgotso Matlakala

George Kgotso Matlakala

Camera and Photographer

Claudia Nel

Claudia Nel

Set Design and Makeup

Leigh-Anne Nel

Leigh-Anne Nel

Design and Animation

Paul Westgate

Paul Westgate

Project Manager - Web and Digital Content



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Top services used by our clients:

  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Event Videos